QUEst for Blackness

(October 2011)

QUEst #1:  I was born of slave parents in Selma, Alabama, worked as a barber’s apprentice, which gave me the idea for a “ready to use razor strop”.

The next time you sit in the barber’s chair think Black, who am I?

 ANS: H. C. Haynes

QUEst #2:  I created New York’s Black Economic Research Center.

Black dollars anyone? I’m going to make it rain! Who am I?

 ANS: Robert S. Browne

QUEst #3:  I was the richest African American man in the 1980’s.

Can you taste the Blackness I’m processing? Who am I?

 ANS: Reginald Lewis

QUEst #4:   It’s between me and another person as to who opened the oldest black-owned cemetery in the United States making burial plots available to Black people. I also organized a bank that closed during the depression, but not a single depositor lost money.

Resting in peaceful Blackness, who am I?

ANS: Jerome Bacon / John Cornelius Asbury