“Talented” Tenth District joins the “Water For Life” Campaign

Greetings Brothers,

There are very few sources of drinkable water for many rural Ghanaians.  Omega Psi Phi’s effort will provide clean, fresh drinking water and significantly improve living standards for over 60,000 residents in Ghana.  At present, women in some cases travel over five hours to collect water from the nearest source, a stream.  Many young women are unable to attend school because of the time spent transporting water.  In addition, pathogens in the stream water can cause river blindness.  A lack of safe drinking water and sanitation results in frequent and sometimes deadly water-borne illnesses. Such illnesses significantly undermine the quality of life, economic prosperity, and human progress.  Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. The “Talented” Tenth District, let’s take a stand and support these local organizations as they struggle to provide the most basic necessities.

We are asking you and your Chapters to make a donation today as we look to sponsor at least one Borehole.

In Friendship,

Bro. Derrick Ivory, 37th Tenth District Representative